Bronny & LeBron?

LEBRON JAMES is a big family guy . . . so perhaps this isn’t surprising:  He said that his “greatest achievement” would be playing in the NBA alongside his son, LeBron Jr., a.k.a. Bronny.

He said, quote, “That would be Number One in my lifetime as an NBA player.  I’ve thought about it, because my son is about to be 14.”  LeBron added that he doesn’t care if he’s playing WITH his son . . . or against him.

Bronny will be entering the eighth grade, and he’s already considered one of the country’s top players in his age group.  LeBron is 33 . . . but he just wrapped up what may have been the greatest individual season of his career.

If the NBA goes back to allowing players to enter the draft right out of high school, which they’re talking about, Bronny would be draft eligible in five years.  Otherwise, he’s six years out.