No Not My Child: When the bully comes out to play


I was talking to my baby boy Durrell Jr., about children that pick on others.  I told him it is my belief that those kids are unhappy on some level.

I suggested that their actions are them seeking some momentary sense of happiness even if hurts someone else in the process. I said those people are cowards baby.  Durrell, said for real.  I said yes it’s true!  I then told

him if anyone bothers him he should let me know right away  so we can address the situation.  Some may not agree with my sharing the story of the nine year old boy from Denver committing suicide after being told to “kill

himself,” by some of his peers. That little boy told his mom he was gay. She said “I love you, anyway.” Feeling empowered he told his classmates his news.  Sharing his truth back fired.  I am tired of these stories!!  I too

have decided to support my son in all aspects of his life and his positive choices. In our home its real talk.  No unnecessary surprises. I am teaching him as much as I can before others take the task on.  Question!? Do you

think parents should face punishment for the actions of their child when negative actions harm  other children?  Share your thought’s please.  You can find me on Twitter and Instagram @AlysseStewart




New phone, who dis?

New phone, who dis?

When Mariah Carey was asked during an interview about Jennifer Lopez, Carey said “I don’t know her.” Carey is now claiming she didn’t mean to throw any shade.

RIP Queen Of Soul

RIP Queen Of Soul

Aretha Franklin, whose gospel-rooted singing and bluesy yet expansive delivery earned her the title “the Queen of Soul,” has died, a family statement said Thursday. She was 76.