Mosquitoes Be Gone: spray scheduled for Cumberland County


I was talking with another mom about the resident in Florence, South Carolina

that had been infected with the West Nile Virus.  She then proceeded to tell me about the

camp that her son attends for an after school program.  She revealed how they were dealing

with the presence of more mosquitoes right now.  This scenario seems to be the case in other

areas too.  Good news! Cumberland County is going to start spraying for mosquitoes

October 1, 2018.  The treatment does not include Hope Mills and Fort Bragg. Via the Fayetteville News & Observer

it has also been revealed that the Health Department will have more mosquito dunks available Monday!!

To see the treatment  days and times click on this link ——>>> Bugs Be Gone! 



New phone, who dis?

New phone, who dis?

When Mariah Carey was asked during an interview about Jennifer Lopez, Carey said “I don’t know her.” Carey is now claiming she didn’t mean to throw any shade.

RIP Queen Of Soul

RIP Queen Of Soul

Aretha Franklin, whose gospel-rooted singing and bluesy yet expansive delivery earned her the title “the Queen of Soul,” has died, a family statement said Thursday. She was 76.