#YOUrNOTALONE ~ @AlysseStewart Speaks

Sharing OUR story can be self-healing and therapeutic for others too. Recently I revealed via Instagram that I was a victim of child molestation.

I was inspired to share my story after R. Kelly’s (alleged) child abuse was highlighted on the small screen. To date I have not watched his story unfold on the Lifetime special. To be honest, I’m in no rush to do so.

I wondered if someone in my family would approach me in anger or encourage me to take my post down. Days passed and eventually the call came. It was not what I expected. What I learned floored me and freed me too! I was not the only one targeted by the unnamed family member.

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Pet Walk 2019

Pet Walk 2019

Lace up your sneakers and grab the leash! We’re going for a walk!