Fitbody Goals … Let’s do this!


I have always been a fit chick! No problems with eating too much or not enough.  Thanks to genetics and a strong desire to be fit, I have always worked out.

Then came the job promotion and more responsibilities, along with taking care of my family.  For me like many time became my enemy in the form of unwanted pounds.  It’s OK though.  I do believe we can reset

and re-adjust our priorities so that all the things that matter can be worked into our daily schedule. I’ve got 21 days to re-create my habit and feel better for doing so.  You can do the same!!  In box me on social media

if you want to chat a little more about my experience with “Boone Trail Fit Body Camp,” or simply contact them direct right now!!  Just click this link and it will connect you with the professionals that can help change

your life!!  * Boone Trail Fit Body Boot Camp – 21 days for 21 dollars or call 910-889-1155.

Want to join me in the same class?  Hit me up for my next class time via Twitter and Instagram @AlysseStewart


*Current weight 160 pounds/ Body Fat 24%