I asked a married woman to MARRY me!

I had to confess my un-dying love for Vh1’s @YandySmith — I love EVERYTHING about her

hustle and drive.  When our paths crossed I took the opportunity to ask for her hand in marriage, knowing she was already married, and her “Husband” was serving a prison term.  I asked if I could just hold things down until he returns!  She said I was too late LM AOOOOOOOOOO.  On a serious page, If there something that you desire in life – want it, gotta have it?  Then go get it!!  You may not score a yes every time but you will never know unless you try.  To set you on the right track, check out this article that I came across recently.  How To Live Your Best Life In 5 Simple Steps!! 
Catch you on the radio Saturday!