Stay In Your Lane

How many of us want to fight our children’s battles? Well, we can’t. Here’s what I learned. As I watched my granddaughter play with other kids at the doctor’s office, I noticed she floated from child to child. Different races. Different ages. I also noticed one child talking to my grandbaby like she was beneath her. (Ya’ll know the lioness in me got up right?) At first, I wanted to protect my princess but that’s when I noticed she hadn’t thought twice about it. When I walked over and told her to come with me, she walked with me and asked, “What’s going on Cee Cee? Can I go and play with my friends now?” As I reluctantly let her go back, she went right back to floating from child to child…even talking to the child that I felt was being mean to her. Lesson I learned, let that child be who she is. I have prayed enough prayers that will carry and cover her into her adult years. God’s got her now. Stop trying to fight battles that aren’t mine and stay in my lane.