ON MY MIND: It’s A Set Up!!

Nine years cancer free!!
It was March 1st in 2010 when I received those words no one wants to hear. After two weeks of EXTREME highs and lows, I called my pastor (the late Bishop James E. Hilton). At first Bishop Hilton reassured me in his quiet, soft voice then he broke into a POWERFUL prayer that reached through the phone. He didn’t see me and he didn’t lay hands on me. Bishop prayed for me and that prayer set me on the path I am on now. By September 30th, after having SEVERE reaction to radiation treatments, the cancers were gone. Today, I am HEALED!! Nothing is in remission because when something is in remission it can come back. I am completely and Divinely healed in the Mighty Name of Jesus!! I know God is a Healer. I know Jesus will touch your heart and allow you to see blessings during your struggle. Some people don’t understand my walk. I get that. There are times I don’t understand what’s going on either but I do KNOW this, God is a Healer and I’m a walking, talking testimony of that statement. Oh, did I tell you my favorite car was repossessed the same week of my breast cancer diagnosis? Ask me what I’m driving today. I said all of that to say this, what looks like a set back is actually a set up from God.