Another Thought from Omega

As we remember our sisters (and brothers) who have battled breast cancer and is currently battling this disease, here are my thoughts today. After my breast cancer diagnosis, I went through a range of emotions during the first two weeks. EXTREME highs and lows. Just when I thought I was about to lose it, my bishop’s name jumped on my heart so I called him. “Bishop Hilton, I have cancer and I am about to lose it.” At first he sighed and told me to do what the doctors tell me then, Bishop James E. Hilton broke out into a prayer that set me on the course I am today. He didn’t lay hands on me. He hadn’t even seen me but that prayer changed EVERYTHING. I no longer saw a death sentence. I was able to see my blessings each and every time I walked through those cancer center doors. Notice I said WALKED (Thank you Jesus!!) because I remember seeing patients being wheeled in for treatments or brought in on gurneys. Even on the days I felt like crap, I walked through those doors. The ONE thing I learned during those 8 weeks was, my worst days were a thousand times better than some patients best days. I was diagnosed on March 1st and by the end of September, I was CANCER FREE!!!  (Oh, I want to holla right here.) Remember, EARLY DETECTION saves lives so get your mammogram scheduled or done TODAY!!