My Breast Cancer Story

As we recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month, my mind went back.
I was diagnosed on March 1, 2010. I had no lumps, no typical symptoms and breast cancer did not run in my family but I did have a “funny feeling” in my left breast. Kinda felt like milk rushing through my nipple. Since I knew I wasn’t pregnant because that baby factory was closed and condemned, I finally went to my doctor when that funny feeling turned into a pain that had be cupping and cradling my breast. My doctor said I might have the early stages of breast cancer. I laughed and explained to my doctor why that wasn’t the case. “I don’t have lumps and it doesn’t run in my family Doc.” She kept demanding a mammogram. Around that same time, my dear friend and personal stylist told me I was losing long strands of hair and something was going on internally. “Get yourself checked out Omega. Your hair is falling out.” Four (maybe five) months later, I FINALLY got a mammogram. It came back abnormal. After a digital mammogram, six small calcification were found in my left nipple. Everything is a blur after that. Since the cancers were found early, I didn’t have chemo but I did suffer through a severe reactions to the radiation treatments. I smelled my own flesh and saw my body in ways I don’t wish on anyone. Believe me, my story is SO minor compared to some testimonies I have heard but I can tell you this, EARLY DETECTION saved my life!!