For over two decades, my baby girl was in my studio. Recently, I was blessed to be in hers.

For most of my radio career, my daughter was always around me. After she was born, I took her to the station with me in a carrier. After I got settled in to do my radio show, one of my broadcasting sisters would come in the studio, pick up the carrier and took care of her while I did my radio show. I remember she was editing public service announcements for me at the age of nine and she went with me to every community event the station sponsored. (insert BIG grin) Earlier this week, I was blessed to watch my baby girl at work in HER studio. My mind was blown. I thought there were a lot of unseen components to a radio show…to see what goes on behind the scenes of a local news casts is like multitasking to the tenth power. She was pushing this button and checking this computer and fixing this problem all while talking to this person and counting down the news anchors. I was thinking, “Handle your business Boo!!” After the news cast, all of these praises and accolades were coming at my husband and me left and right. I can’t speak for my husband but I know I was taken back a bit. BUT, one thing’s for sure…I am a PROUD MOMMY right about now.