The Time Is NOW!!

When you find yourself getting tired of “laying your medicine out” each week, that’s when you let the world know what can happen when you don’t take care of yourself NOW. 

This is the result of fast food consumption, a hectic lifestyle, no exercise, internalized stress and no coping mechanisms. This is only a small sample of pill bottles. I ingest thirteen pills a day. Why? Thirty years of running down the street to grab a bite to eat, taking the elevator instead of the stairs, parking close instead of walking from the parking lot, no exercise because I didn’t have time, no way to release stress so I internalized it. (You already know what that got me.) Oh, and no coping mechanisms to deal with the stress and frustration. THAT is not a good combination at all. Remember this photo Family. As I come off of these meds, I will take photos and share testimonies until I’m down to NO pill bottles. Not nary one.