Will Smith On The One That Got Away …

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Don’t you just love when the stars of a new movie go out on the media tour.  It seems that share more secretsabout who they really are and the lives they have lived.  Take for instance Will Smith.  We learned recently that he missed out on the opportunity to have a relationship with Tupac.

It wasn’t because there wasn’t time.  Jada tried more than once to put the two entertainers together. Jada would tell Will you should meet him, you guys are a lot a like.

But like most of us … well some.  Our insecurities prevent us from opening the door for someone that shared a close relationship with our mates.  Lesson learned for Will. Yes!

Tupac died September 1996. He was only 25.  Of course Will  Smith made other mistakes too.  Like turning down the lead role in the Matrix.  Press play to find out what happened.


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