American Heart Month: My Personal Story

Ladies, do you know the signs of heart disease or a heart attack? Neither did I.

“Wow, that’s a lot of pills Omega!!” Yeah, I hear that a lot but please allow me to tell you WHY and HOW. Back in 2010, two months after being healed from breast cancer, I started having chronic heartburn…the kind of heartburn where you tasted the rawness. In addition to the raw tasting heartburn, I was tired all of the time and I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded or exhausted. I thought it was because of weight gain because I was tipping the scales at 204 pounds during that time. Over time, I started getting concerned. Since I didn’t feel like going to my personal physician, I shared my concerns with my husband’s cardiologist because my husband was in the hospital having a heart procedure done. His cardiologist immediately scheduled an appointment.

Since heart disease ran in my family and since my daddy and grandmother had both died from heart attacks, the cardiologist scheduled a stress test. The stress test showed some abnormalities so a cardiac cath was scheduled. (That’s when the cardiologist inserts a tube through your groin, pushes the tube to your heart and shoots die to show any blockages.) The procedure showed I had 95% blockage on my main artery.  My husband’s cardiologist, who is now my cardiologist, sent me to Duke Heart Center because he couldn’t find my circumflex artery. (That’s the backup artery cardiologists go to when a person has a heart attack.) Without going to into a LONG story about being a case study and how a powerful testimony came about, I will say this. When I walked into the doors of Duke, a host of doctors were certain I would be a case study and would need a double bypass during the week of Thanksgiving. IT DIDN’T WORK OUT THAT WAY!!! Two stents later, I was home sitting on my couch watching the Thanksgiving Day parade. No bypass surgery. No case study and no circumflex artery because I wasn’t born with one. Did you know only 1% of Americans lives with this? Neither did I.

Miracle? I think so. Want the FULL story? Holla at me because I left out the part that will give you chills. Reason for this post, the photo you see are pills I have to take to for my heart, blood pressure and cholesterol because I chose to eat fast food every day, didn’t know how to cope with stress and refused to walk anywhere. Ladies, are you experiencing bad heartburn? PLEASE see your doctor. It’s better to be safe than…you know.