Mayor Mitch Colvin talks COVID19 with Alysse Stewart

As the Program Director and radio personality at Magic 106.9, I want you to know that my concern for my family and friends  extends to YOU too.

I am thankful that God granted me the voice and the platform via our radio station to keep you in the know.  Between the songs you have heard me laugh a little, talk about a personal memory

from back in the day, share celebrity news and other life-style tips that might improve your life.  I will continue to do  that as we provide you with the latest Cornavirus updates.  Some may ask if the other

stuff is important?  I say this,  life is about balance.  Being in the know about this pandemic is most definitely important.  However at the same time, I know you tune in to the Adult Choice daily

for the music and the connection that we share … I am here for you!  If you need me call me (910-364-9654).

Take care of you,

Alysse Stewart