Bow Wow apologizes after crowded Houston club backlash
By Lisa Respers France, CNN
(CNN) —
Bow Wow has apologized for taking the stage in a packed nightclub in Houston over the weekend.

The rapper, who also acts under his legal name Shad Moss, had received backlash on social media after he was seen in footage on stage appearing to perform for a mostly maskless crowd at Cle in Houston.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner tweeted on Sunday: \”These events that are scheduled with @BowWowPromoTeam today in Houston are on our radar.\”

\”Other bars/clubs that are operating as restaurants, beyond capacity and social distancing requirements, please expect visits,\” the tweet read. \”Today we report 1964 new cases and 17 more deaths.\”

Turner also pointed out that because of the pandemic only virtual concerts are allowed in the city.

Moss responded to the call out on Twitter.

\”Safe to say the mayor of houston hates my guts,\” he tweeted. \”I cant believe i get the blame for a whole weekend. This is ridiculous.
Turner tweeted that he did not personally have a problem with Moss.

\”Let me be very clear. I don\’t dislike @BowWowPromoTeam,\” the mayor tweeted. \”While the city is in the midst of this pandemic nearly 2000 infected and 17 dying yesterday, this is not the time for concerts. Help us get past this virus and then do your thing. The same for other bars & clubs.\”

On Tuesday Moss tweeted, \”Heres the TRUTH: My only statement.\”

\”1. It was not a bow wow concert. I simply did one verse to like you. And went back to my section and simply put my mask BACK on,\” he tweeted. \”2. I did not i repeat did not GET PAID for anything. It was my boys 30th bday weekend and i came down off the love.\”

\”3. I apologize if i did anything wrong. I love the city of houston. I consider it like a 2nd home. A place i go to on my free time,\” he added. \”4. Sorry to the mayor for any confusion. I understand the time we are living in so I apologize.\”

The mayor tweeted his appreciation of Moss and said he looks forward to attending one of his concerts post pandemic.